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Hello there! Can you believe?
Yeah, I'm the one of their DIE-HARD-FANS too!
But, why Linkin Park changed drastically?
We have to consider who their work with!
Linkin Park released a new video for their single “Iridescent”, which is on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.  Like many other videos being released these days, it was loaded with Illuminati symbolism.

So, let's see the truth!

The video opens with an all-seeing eye...

And another immediately after...

Blinded people/slaves. Perhaps the world's population being blinded and manipulated by the elite?

One of many shots of all-seeing eyes and pyramids...

More pyramids...


Illuminated eye within what looks like a sun...

Masonic pillars...

The Last Supper. Notice how Mike Shinoda is in the centre, where Jesus is supposed to be...

Alas, Mike with one eye, meaning he is representing Lucifer instead of Jesus...

Chester completely blinded...

How many pyramids can you count?

The snake, which Mike holds throughout the video. We all know what that symbolizes...

Winged disc, as seen in logos such as the one for the Mini Cooper...

Robotic eye...

Mike/Lucifer on his throne with horns, snake and illuminating pyramid. At least we know who Linkin Park worships as lord...

Man controlling humans, possibly referring to Lucifer the "Great Architect". Notice the illuminated pyramid above him...

 And of course, the closing shot is another all-seeing eye...

It’s also interesting to note the lyrics. One verse in particular caught my attention:

And in the burst of light that blinded every angel 
as if the sky had blown the heavens into stars 
you felt the gravity of temper grace falling into empty space 
no one there to catch you in their arms

This possibly alludes to the story of Lucifer being cast out of heaven by God.  The use of the phrase “burst of light” may be a reference to Lucifer being called the Light-Bearer.

Overall, this song is possibly be written for the devil, it seems to sympathize with him. I also think the video is one of those that Vigilant Citizen recently mentioned in his article about The Age of Horus: videos that take holy imagery and “de-holify” it and change the meaning into something sinister.

We're not really paranoid about this shit!
Just info for sharing!
just info for y'all to see the truth!

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  1. X( Semua nak berunsurkan Illuminati!!

  2. wow, i haven't watch the video nor listen to their song. gotta watch it then. nowadays, almost every video and song got this element of illuminati. somehow for the video, we cannot blame the singer 'cos they are directed by the director to do such how in the video. and somehow for the song, we should just think positive 'cos they might even have no intention to include the element. but different from those singers who, yes, follow the illuminati. in my thoughts, i guess i'm interested to this illuminati not because of i'm worshiping the Satan but it's because of it is art :D

    P/S: Sorry long comment. it's just my opinion though. you don't have to be agree with me. hee

  3. ;) Yeah! It looks nice right? This clip was so cool because i can see Chester and Mike there! But, the director, the idiot one ruin it! I think this clip will also look nice without any Illuminati element.. :((

  4. What's wrong with you, Zurina J.?? :-?

  5. Hmmps. Sebenarnya ni bukan salah director semata-mata, LP sudah jadi ejen illuminati, sama ada diorang sedar atau tidak.

    Ndamau lah cakap panjang, bijaklah di dalam memilih hiburan. Kadang nasyid pun banyak silapnya, so better dengar alunan ayat-ayat Al-Quran. Pesanan buat diri sendiri. Semoga istiqomah saudaraku...:)

  6. ;) Saya setuju! Peminat-peminat setia mereka hanya ingin menyedapkan hati.. :))

  7. so sad to hear the fact, i think without become an illuminati artist they still the best band hiks..... ;(

  8. ah.. semoga saja cuma editornya yg gila.. :@

    q ngefans bnget sm LP :((
    jangan buat penggemar kecewea... :((

  9. Dude, have you even watched the movie? They basically related it to the concept of their music video. The blinded people represents the Decepticons - a group of rebellious robots in Transformers. From the name itself "Decepticons" - it means deception. They are blinded by their leaders: Megatron and those before him. I think Mike is representing Jesus instead of Lucifer. If you are reading the Bible, God sent his only son to be one of us, humans. Basically, as humans, we are blinded because we make sinful acts. Meaning our decisions are not profound. Jesus on the other hand has the knowledge of God - That's why Mike's other eye is not blinded. Jesus is half blinded though because he has become a human when coming down from Heaven. The snakes on the table symbolizes those who betrayed or doubted Jesus. That actually is what the song is about. Some people, when lost in desperation, will betray or lose faith, but there's this line in the chorus saying: "Let it go". Meaning, we have to let go of all our doubts and bad intention so we can go back to God and be worthy to serve him.
    That is the message of the song. Before you judge Linkin Park, look at every possibility. Do not just look at the cover of a book, because that won't tell you what it contains. Read the whole book and open your mind. I think that those who believe that LP are members of illuminati (If there such thing), are like the blind people in the video.

  10. Thank goodness for Greylyn - at there are some smart folks around this blog.